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the curly scott

Creator of BB CURLS™ and the BB Curls Experience and Co-Founder of the Cross Cultural Curl Collective

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My Curl Journey so far...

Hi, I’m Scott Cooper, @thecurlyscott on Instagram and the creator of BBCURLS™️, located at 172 Hope Street in Glasgow, Scotland.  My hair journey began as a young boy in Scotland with no access to knowledge or information to help me style my own hair. I had to learn it all myself.  The more I discovered the more I wanted to share with other people. This led to what has now been nearly 40 years of working in the hair industry.

I created BBCURLS™️ because I could see a huge gap in our industry education and access to services by qualified professionals and I wanted to help break the cycle of generational trauma that so many of us know all too well, and champion equal representation for all people, with all curl patterns.

I'm driven by a profound passion for curly hair and the science behind it. I believe in treating every client's hair with respect and care, regardless of their cultural background.


My journey at BBCURLS™️ is fueled by a desire to push boundaries and redefine industry standards. I collaborate with professional hairstylists and organizations locally, nationally, and internationally to recognize and appreciate the diversity in hair types and textures.  I provide education and experiences in a professional and comprehensive manner, paving the way for growth, inclusivity, and creativity within the hairdressing industry. I'm proud to share the values and goals of the Cross Cultural Curl Collective, collaborating with professionals worldwide to exchange knowledge, encourage change, and foster success within the British hairdressing industry.

I'm passionate about helping people feel confident and beautiful in their natural hair, and I believe that everyone deserves to have access to high-quality haircare services that celebrate their unique curl patterns.

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