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Our collective are all BB CURLS trained and we love working with every type of curl pattern. We have services designed to accompany you on every part of your curl journey.


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new client journey for curly hair

New Client - Intro to BB Curls

from - £135

This service is all about introducing you to our bespoke BB Curl methodology, technique and products. Features an holistic consultation, a Dry Cut to establish the foundations of shape, a scalp detox and clarify your hair - giving us the perfect blank canvas to start the hydrating cleanses and treatments. Followed by a comprehensive style lesson and possible shape tidy.


Returning Client - Follow Up

from - £70

We know there is a lot to take in and in many instances embracing your natural curl or wave is a big change - we do not expect you to become experts over night! ​So we invite you to come back in, 6 - 8 weeks after your first visit, for what we call a Follow Up. We'll get a chance to see how you are enjoying your new cut (and colour if you had that too), we'll get your scalp detoxed and hair clarified, treated and cleansed and make sure you know everything you need to know about applying products and styling techniques. ​Please note: This service is exclusively a follow up to the INTRO TO BB CURLS service. This service does not usually include a cut service. 


Returning Client - Follow Up with Cut

from - £100

This service can follow an INTRO or Follow Up. It's designed for clients who are still new to our systems and techniques and need some time detoxing/clarifying and treating their hair. We would normally see you for this service 3-5 months after your INTRO/Follow Up. ​We will start, as always, with a full consultation, followed by a Dry Cut, and a trip to the basins. Our Curl Technicians will take you through your detox, treatment and cleanse before teaching you how to apply products and style your hair.


BB Curly Cut

from - £80

So you are an established BB Curls client. You are familiar with our methods and techniques and most importantly our product recommendations.  We'll start with our consultation to determine if you are maintaining your style or fancy a change up. We'll move onto a dry cut for shape before our Curl Technicians take you through your cleanse, express treatment, product application and styling session.  Please note: This service DOES NOT include any detox or clarifying treatments, so it is important that you arrive with your hair prepped and ready for the service. Please check out our hair prep page for details. If you require a detox/clarifying cleanse, please book in for Follow Up with Cut.


Barbered BB Curly Cut

from - £70

This service is ideal for clients with short hair, above chin level, that require elements of clipper work and barbering to their cut & shape. ​We'll start with our consultation to determine if you are maintaining your style or fancy a change up. We'll move onto a dry cut for shape before our Curl Technicians take you through your cleanse, express treatment, product application and styling session. We may chose to fine tune the cut once the drying is complete.


BB Express Dry Cut

from - £60

Ideal for a quick tidy up of your previous cut and suitable for anyone following the Curly Girl Method. We will work on checking the balance of your cut with our signature Dry Cut technique - looking at overall length, weight, curl pattern and shape. Only suitable for clients who are able to arrive with their hair clean, dry and free of any oils, butter, silicones or heavy cream serums. Please also make sure you do not do anything to disturb your curl pattern - no hats, bobbles, kirbies, scrunchies, braids. Please note: As the name suggests, this is a dry cut only. If you are looking for a complete style change we recommend booking for our BB Curly cut where we can cut, cleanse and dry your hair to make sure your new shape is sitting properly.


Wash & Go

from - £70

This service involves a detox, followed by a wash and clarifying service to rehydrate your hair. We follow that with a selected treatment - best suited to your hair and scalp - before setting it in its natural state with the aid of a diffuser and a hood dryer, using the correct products for your hair type, texture and desired look.


Silk Press

from - £140

A silk press is simply a combination of the right products and hot tools which in turn creates a silk like straight hairstyle on curly or afro hair. This services does not use straightening chemicals or relaxers, has no long-term changes to your curl pattern and can last for up to two weeks.


Curly Styling Lesson

from - £70

If are new to your curls or getting to grips with a new style then come and see the team and we will take you through all you need to know. Service includes a thorough consultation followed by a cleanse and treatment up at the basins and style only. Please note this service does not include a cut!


Curly Kids - BB Curly Kids Intro

from - £75

The ultimate service for curly kids and teens - only available for clients up to the age of 15 in primary and secondary school. This service is a full cutting and styling lesson combined - where we'll introduce you to your curls and how to care for them. Our team will take you through everything from detangling to applying products to styling.


Curly Kids - BB Curly Kids Cut

from - £70

This service is a combination the techniques we use for our dry cut but with the cleansing and conditioning we give in our Kids Style lesson. If your young person has been in before and needs a bit more time for hair care then this is the perfect service for you.


Curly Kids - Dry Cut (up to 11 yrs)

from - £39

This service is not about getting those locks under control - it's more about helping your curly kid with a shape and style that suits their curl and enhances their natural texture. We'll do a consultation to see where you are at with hair care which is followed by a dry cut to give shape and balance. We'll talk through styling options, including protective styling techniques and make sure you leave feeling confident to wear those curls with pride! 


Curly Kids - Style Lesson (up to 11 yrs)

from - £38

As parents of curly kids, we understand how difficult it can be to style their hair in a way that makes them feel confident about themselves and their curls. As well as understanding how hard it can sometimes be to detangle and treat a gorgeous head of curls. We also see so many adult clients who have had a lifetime of fighting with their natural texture. Learning to embrace that texture can be emotional. Our aim with this service is to help curly kids learn to love their hair by understanding how to care for it - and giving parents and carers the knowledge to support that too! Our Curl Technicians will take you and your curly kid through cleansing, treating and styling - with lots of tips and advice along the way! ​

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