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BB Brazilian Keratin Treatment

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Brazilian Keratin Treatment

- £240

One of our specialist services at The BB Hair Collective is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. 


Since it's beginning the system has become much more user friendly not to mention better for your hair and the environment. We use Keraspa Intense. It's a really innovative high quality product, blending natural Brazilian ingredients like Carob Bean gum and Babassu Oil with a formaldehyde free formula so the hair is smoothed physically and not chemically.

 We love this product range - you can wash and restyle your hair right away (instead of leaving it for two days!), you can still have bounce and volume and you can colour your hair 48 hours before or after the treatment. We'd recommend colouring your hair first and then 48 hours later using the Brazilian Keratin Treatment to seal that colour in.

Hair is easier to style, quicker to dry and best of all the keratin gives your hair a huge boost of nutrients so it feels so soft and silky. 


The beauty of this system is that it's not just for people who want to control their curls, it is also an ideal intense treatment for chemically damaged hair that's been over coloured and is feeling dry and brittle. Perfect if your hair is in need of some major tlc.


How much time should be allowed for the treatment?


Generally, 2 1/2 hours should be allowed to perform the treatment.


How many days after the treatment can the hair be washed?


The hair can be washed the same day.


Can the hair be colored before the treatment?

Yes. We recommend 2 days before for any colour work.


Can the treatment be done on chemically relaxed or straightened hair?

Yes, you must wait a minimum of 20 days before using the Keraspa INTENSE smoothing treatment.


Is this treatment good for afro hair types?


Yes, this treatment is great for afro hair;.

Can the treatment be used on blond, damaged or highlighted hair?


Yes the treatment can be used on this type of hair. 


Can the hair be clipped up or pulled back?


Yes. You can clip or pull back your hair after the first shampoo.


How long does the treatment last?


Generally the treatment will last for 12 to 16 weeks or more with proper home care.


How often can the treatment be done?


The treatment can be reapplied after 30 days


Is the reapplication of the treatment done only on the regrowth or on all the hair?


The reapplication of the treatment is done on all the hair. You will notice better results and the infusion of keratin can only improve the hair.


When can I use styling products?

We recommend you use a sulphate free shampoo 


Can children, pregnant or nursing women receive the treatment?

There is no counter indication that the treatment is harmful to children, pregnant or nursing women. 

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