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Welcome to the BB HAir COllective.

Whichever style you want to embrace, let us join you on your hair journey...

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Client getting colour applied


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What People Are Saying

Such a chilled out vibe, with lovely welcoming staff. There is clearly a very distinct ethos and work culture that all staff exhibit, that it goes to show that they've been trained well and love their job/where they work. Even the small touches, like being given a mirror to see how the products are worked into the hair at the wash basins, made it the hands down best salon experience ever. I would highly recommend to any wavy/curly/textured haired guys& girls out there, especially those at the beginning of the curly hair journey. I saw all hair types and various age ranges of girls/women in salon yesterday and everyone left with healthy happy hair. 

— Joanne F

“An experience, not just a hair cut. Scott, thank you so much for giving shape, shine, sass, and funk, to my curls. I'm even more excited about being completely silver(soon, hopefully), andwill most certainly be back to have my locks tames again. Highly recommend.”

— Elizabeth M


Our Specialties

#1 - Intro to Bb Curls 

First time coming to see us? Not totally settled into your curl journey yet? This service is all about introducing you to our bespoke BB Curl Experience - learn about our methodology, cleansing and styling techniques and products. We teach you the 'How' of curl care but also the 'Why'.

#2 - BB Curly Cut

Our signature BB Curly Cut service - ideal for clients who have been in before and are familiar with our products and styling techniques. This is the service that started it all. Our team know curls and we love sharing what we know.

#3 cut & colour packages

A bit of an industry game changer. We felt that the old style colour menus were limiting as the world of colour application techniques was evolving. Our Cut & Colour packages are designed to give our colour technicians artistic freedom to help you achieve a truly bespoke colour service. Within a set time and budget, we can use several techniques or colours to create something special. There is a package to suit every need, combining great value for money with creative flexibility! 

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